Davis Express is a truckload carrier specializing in refrigerated hauling. We currently operate in excess of 200 trucks and 400 trailers. We are proud to say that we keep all of our equipment up to date and well maintained.

One area in which Davis Express prides itself is its maintenance facility and its staff of qualified mechanics. We make sure that every aspect of our equipment is in the best possible condition. By providing our mechanics with well equipped facilities and training, you can rest assured that our equipment will get your load delivered on time and in a safe manner.

All of our trucks are equipped with a QUALCOMM tracking system. This allows us to monitor the location of our trucks at all times. With the satellite we are also able to track your load and give you an estimate on when it should arrive.

Davis Express also makes sure that it's trailers are in excellent shape. All of our trailers and refrigeration units are only a few years old, which helps to ensure the safety of your cargo.

All of our trailers are 53' x 102", air-ride, refrigerated trailers.


The SmartWay Transport Partnership is an innovative collaboration between EPA and the freight industry to increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution.

SmartWay Partners save fuel, money, and the environment.

Davis Express is proud to announce that we have received the highest rating from the Smartway Transport Partnership.  Davis Express is a part of the Smartway program because we support fuel conservation and clean air.  We continue to search for ways to improve our fuel efficiency and make our environment healthy.  We urge all of our friends and business partners to do the same.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about what steps we are taking in this initiative, please contact Kayla Thomas at our company.  We also suggest you visit Smartway's website at for more information.

TMW Systems

TMW Systems, Inc., is a leading developer of dispatch and transportation software solutions for the North American trucking industry.  Their operations and dispatch software product TMWSuite currently manage the transportation operations of more than 450 common carriers and private fleets.

Davis Express is proud to announce that we have implemented the TMWSuite as our dispatch software.  With TMWSuite we are able to provide our dispatchers with more time to achieve their primary goal, which is moving freight.  By providing our dispatchers with an appropriate tool to move customer's freight, we at Davis Express can provide our customers with "up to the minute" information on loads and truck availability.


We are proud to say that all of our trucks are equipped with a Qualcomm satellite tracking system.

Benefits to our customers:

  • Provide emergency contact with dispatch 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
  • Increase load security.
  • Improve customer service with accurate, real-time data.
  • Phone time spent with customers - not drivers.
  • Provide customers with accurate ETAs.

EDI Capabilities

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a standard format for exchanging business data.  A transaction set often consists of what would usually be contained in a typical business document or form. The parties who exchange EDI transmissions are referred to as trading partners.

Davis Express currently has a few customers set up using EDI.  If you think your company might be interested in setting up EDI with Davis Express please contact us at

Fleet Maintenance

TRANSMAN is a time-tested fleet management software system developed specifically to provide easy-to-use information about every aspect of our maintenance operation. This software gives us the power to better manage preventive maintenance schedules, parts inventory, fuel and tire usage, and much more--including maximum warranty recovery.  This in turn allows us to provide quality service to our customers.